Frequently Asked Questions....


Is your pricing based on an open-air or enclosed booth?

Our pricing is for either an open-air or enclosed booth; totally your preference! 

You are welcome to add you own flair to our backdrop (balloons, greenery, paper flowers, etc)! 

DIY backdrops or completely open backdrops in front of a scenic focal point/vintage furniture are also welcome and super cool, too!!


Let us know what you have in mind! We are here to help you create your vision!

What size is your booth and how many people will fit in the booth?

The size needed for our booth can be customized from about 4' x 4' up to 8' x 8'. 

Based on the size of your booth set-up we can fit up to about 12 guests.

After the $200 deposit to save our date and time, when will the balance be due?

The balance due will be charged 4-5 days prior to your event.

How do we get digital copies and what is the Social Media package?

With each use of the booth your guests will have the option of emailing themselves and/or uploading images to Facebook. Emailed copies of all images (both individual and strips) will be emailed to you as well!

Does your booth require an attendant?

Yes, your friendly and helpful attendant is there throughout your event to manage the booth, assist your guests and to keep the good times rolling! With your interactive scrapbook, she also encourages each guest to write a message to you next to their pictures. At the end of your event, your hostess puts your scrapbook together and presents this wonderful keepsake to you! You will love this book of memories!

Are you insured?

We are fully licensed and insured and will gladly provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.